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Fashion Accessories Arrangement



I believe that anything that is done with intention will improve. The same is true for building a wardrobe.

 As a fashion consultant, I help you make intentional choices about your clothing purchases that will lead to an easier decision for getting dressed. But how? Many women have a lot of clothes but are missing the key pieces that build a wardrobe.


From as early as I can remember I was intrigued with clothing.

Maybe it was in my blood. My grandmother was an exceptional seamstress and lover of fashion. I only know this because that is what I was told. She passed away before I was born. Or maybe it was my infatuation with Erica Kane on All My Children. Those afternoons, with my mom, after kindergarten, watching Erica’s stylish antics are some

great memories. 


I went on to develop my love of clothing into a career; graduating with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, landing and internship in NYC, followed by successfully climbing the ranks in corporate merchandising for several specialty retailers. I quite literally have traveled the world shopping.


From Tokyo to Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Rome, London, Paris, and numerous cities in between, I’ve shopped for a living.


Now, my travels don’t take me nearly as far, but I still shop. I shop for my clients. Working with them to connect with their authentic sense of style, curating a wardrobe that expresses their personality and meets their lifestyle goals. I’ve always loved that clothing has the power to communicate. We all know it, or we wouldn’t worry so much about what to wear. When your wardrobe is filled with clothes that feel uniquely you, that you know fit, and that you feel great in, then you can quit worrying and just be. This is my goal for my clients, to be confident, to be empowered, to just be.


Clothing is so much more than style.



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